Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Made it to Santiago!

So I have finished the first part of my journey and made it to Santiago, Chile! I stopped in Atlanta, then a 10 hour flight to Santiago! Chile is actually 2 hours AHEAD of New York and 5 hours ahead of the West coast.

This is my first time in the southern hemisphere. Things are not nearly as upside-down as I imagined. Also, it's summer here, which would have been helpful knowledge to have before I packed. Oh well...

Ok... Short on time today but more posts and photos to come!


Anonymous said...

you and dott HAVE to blog... i want to hear about your trip.

the deuce.

Jon said...

How can it be summer already? That flight must have taken FAR more than just 10 hours. :-p

Seriously, glad you made it! Maybe you can buy some clothes, is stuff cheap there? Although with the USD the way it is, nothing outside the U.S. is all *that* cheap, I suppose.

Looking forward to more posts and photos!

Amanda S. said...

You are so funny!

the boat said...

How could you NOT know it was summer?! Glad you arrived safe and hope you are enjoying the sun.