Saturday, January 19, 2008

In La Serena, Heading to San Pedro

We have finally made it on our way! We made the tough ¨Go North/Go South¨ decision based on a series of thougtful discussions, a few coin flips and a rousing game of rock/paper/scissors. We decided to head NORTH!

After one night in Santiago, we took a morning bus to La Serena, which is about 6 hours north. We checked out the beach, went to a nearby town and hiked up a mountain and last night we had a midnight trip to an observatory. Chile, according to our guide, is the best place in the world for observatories and coutries from all over the world are building telescopes such as the VLT (Very Large Telescope), the ELT (Extremely Large Telescope) and the OWL (OverWhelmingly Large).

We´re headed to San Pedro tonight on an overnight 14 hour bus ride. Apparently it is the driest dessert in the world. I´m skeptical... I think I´ll be able to spot a FEW puddles, at least... I mean, how dry can it be? My computer time today is pretty short so I think I´ll end it here with some photos!

You can see my photos here

Imagen 025

Imagen 001

Imagen 010

Imagen 033

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