Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back in Santiago!

After another all night, 12 hour bus ride we made it back to Santiago! Dan just left safely and should be in the air on his way to Chicago in a few minutes.

This is the point in my post where I like to complain about either the speed of the Internet or the speed of my computer. Today you are in for a treat because I get to complain about BOTH! I was hoping to upload all 200 or so of my photos, but they are taking about 5 minutes each. There will be a few up, but I think we'll have to wait for later to see all of them. There are also some exciting VIDEOS on the way!

Today in Santiago, we got in, helped Jess finish moving out of her apartment, found a place to stay and explored the city! Tomorrow we may be hitting up two coastal cities about an hour from here, Valaprasio and Vina del Mar.

I'll post more photos and videos soon! You can see my Chile set of photos in progress here:

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