Saturday, January 26, 2008

3 Days In Bahia Inglesa

We spent the last 3 days and 2 nights in Bahia Inglesa! Bahia Inglesa (or English Bay) is this gorgeous little touristy beach town. Food and lodging is expensive, but totally worth it because everything there is so beauiful and sunny. I think we all could have used about an extra week there!

Unfortunately, I´m currently using the same computer that the Wright Brothers used to run their aviation simulations. The historical value is interesting, but uploading photos is nearly impossible (as it pre-dates the Internet by about 80 years).

The last two days we went SURFING on the Pacific coast! We wore wet suits as the ocean is still pretty cold here, but not too bad. This was my first time surfing and I did a bit better than I expected (although I had pretty low expectations, since my goal was to not drown). It turned out it is pretty easy to "catch" a wave, but standing up on the board proved to be the hardest part... I got up a few times but nothing you´ll see on ESPN2 any time soon.

We also stayed in this awesome little cabaƱa. Well, not little, actually. It had 3 rooms and SIX beds, plus a living room and kitchen and porch! We bought groceries and cooked dinner and drank Chilean wine last night. I think they charge per person, and foreigners don´t have to pay the 19% sales tax so we ended up paying about $80 per night, split 3 ways!

Tonight, we´re catching an overnight bus to Santiago. Dan leaves tomorrow and Jess and I leave on the 29th. I´ll be back in Michigan on the 30th! Photos and even some exciting VIDEOS will follow!

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Stacy said...

Yes! Of course I have been reading your blog!

I also saw a pic of you wearing my extra huge, sightly crooked half marathon shirt. Wish it fit me..but glad you are getting some use out of it!

The surfing sounds fantastic! See you soon!! :)