Wednesday, January 02, 2008

FullSizePosters Review

I recently was looking for a way to print a reasonably high quality 24 x 36 inch poster to be placed in a frame in my living room. I checked out a ton of options, including getting ripped off by your local Kinkos or the vast array of online stores that claim to do it.

I finally decided on I made the decision based on their great prices, their focus on poster printing and a good feeling I got from the positive reviews on their site along with their phone number displayed at the top of every page. (I had read some horror stories from other printers where the print didn't show up for weeks with no way to contact the company)

The actual upload and checkout process was really nice. The site is strikingly simple, only a couple pages, but it's exactly what you want and need. They make really good use of Google checkout. I paid easily and quickly got a receipt by e-mail with a link to track the status of my order.

I placed the order around 1:20pm on December 28th and was thrilled that it was printed and shipped THAT DAY. They shipped via USPS 2-3 day priority mail with a reasonable shipping cost. (I paid $32.37 when all was said and done for my 2x3 poster)

I received my poster 2-3 business days later. It came in a really sturdy cardboard tube. Inside the tube, my poster was rolled in tissue paper and sealed in an airtight plastic bag.

The poster looks awesome. I mean... it's perfect. I've gotten used to being disappointed after ordering a print job, but this final product was exactly what I hoped for. The print is on really high quality glossy photo type paper. Kind of like a big version of a photo you might get developed, so it's thicker and heavier duty than a stock poster you would buy at the store.

ANYWAY, I was googling for "FullSizePoster Reviews" when I was making my decision, so hopefully this is helpful to others. Also, FYI, this is not a paid post of any kind. I'm just a dude trying to give back to the Internet community in my own little way. Thanks! :)

P.S. The poster was actually to play a prank on my roommate. Here is what I printed:

Catface couch final


Kyle Mulka said...

Zoomable version of the photo!

Anonymous said...

did you do this yet? i can't wait to hear what he thought about it. i am missing everthing by living in stupid old l.a.

the deuce.

Michael Rubin, GasPedal said...

Thanks for the review. I came to your site after googling " review". Based in part on your review as a happy customer, I decided to go ahead and order it through them.

All hail the power of word of mouth. *grin* I'll let you know how it goes.

Jeremy Schneider said...

Thanks for the feedback! When you get your poster, leave a comment! It may be helpful to others! Maybe we can make this blog the PREMIER Internet location for reviews.

Tee said...

Thanks for the review on FullSizePosters. I'm currently looking for a site to print my digital picture and this seems like the answer. I'll re-comment once I order and receive my poster.

Charles said...

I ordered 2 prints, one 12x15 on matte photo paper, the second 16x20 on cotton rag. Both were printed and shipped promptly and arrived on time. The print quality is outstanding, 5 stars there. My one complaint... my 16x20 was a poster with a white background and significant empty white-space at the top and bottom. They trimmed the finished print down too far, to 16x19, so it doesn't fit a standard poster frame. I put a white matte behind it and it framed OK, but it would be better cut to the correct size.

Lalitha said...

Very helpful review, I am thinking of the same too..

jmoore said...

I am glad that this premier source for exists, as I based my decision on ordering from them on this. I'll leave another comment once I receive the actual poster.


Daniel said...

I ordered a 24" x 36" poster-sized print from Print quality was decent -- not excellent, but good overall. Printed on HP professional photo paper, branded on the back. I can see subtle creases/indentations in the paper, caused by the pressure of the printer rollers, I imagine. However, this print will be mounted in a glass frame, so these minor imperfections should not be obvious. The pricing can't be beat, though, so I definitely got what I paid for. Turnaround time is good. I placed my order late Friday afternoon, they printed it Monday and shipped out Tuesday. Packaging is superb. Posters are rolled gently in tissue paper, placed in a plastic sleeve, heat-sealed at both ends, and shipped in a thick cardboard poster tube. Wadded tissue paper at both ends absorbs shocks and protects poster edges from damage during transit. If you need a poster-sized print at low cost with quick turnaround, these guys can't be beat. If you need a museum-quality archival print and can't compromise on quality, then you'll have to shell out the extra cash elsewhere.

ylugo said...

why am i the only one with a horror story?
I ordered my prints last tuesday. paid for 2nd day air, and it says that it still hasn't shipped. they charged my account and everything, and still nothing is in my mailbox!
its a super convenient site, but im not sure how reliable the whole shipping out thing goes. :/