Monday, January 01, 2007

USC Can Suck My Balls

We're back online after some sparce Internet days in Belize and Guatemala. After spending New Year's Eve in Tapachula, Mexico, we made amazing time and drove close to 1000km to get to Cordoba, Mexico. We made it just in time to see Michigan get their ass kicked by USC in the second half of the Rose Bowl. I'd like to send a big "Eat shit and die" to all you USC fans out there. You too Ohio State.

We're planning to get to Guadalajara by tomorrow, then Los Mochis on the 3rd in time to take a ferry to the Baja peninsula and drive back up to LA. These driving days are pretty rough, but we had an awesome time in Central America and some great days to look forward to in Baja!

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Amanda S. said...

Hmmmm.... were you drunk when you wrote this one? : )