Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back in Los Mochis

Today our plan was to drive to Los Mochis, then catch an overnight ferry to the Baja peninsula and drive up Baja from there. We had trouble getting in contact with the ferry company so we knew there was a chance that we would not be able to catch a ferry. UNFORTUNATELY, it turned out that all the ferrys are full until MONDAY, a day after our flights leave from Los Angeles, meaning we would have to drive negative infinity miles per hour up the coast in order to catch our flights. We dutifully checked the manual of our Toyota Corolla only to find out that the maxmimum speed is closer to 110mph, not negative infinity.

ANYWAY, our new plan is to spend a day in Guaymas, then drive back up the coast to LA on the 6th and stay at Jess and Jean's parents house (Surprise Elizabeth and Tom! We're coming to your house on the 6th!) If they're busy partying or something, we can just drive straight to Jess' place.

The Internet here is pretty sketchy so no photos or videos today. I'll post lots of uber-cool edited videos when we're back in the states.

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