Sunday, December 24, 2006

San Cristobal

It's Christmas eve and we have arrived in San Cristobal, Mexico. It's a really cool town that is extremely different from the other Mexican cities we have seen! The streets and sidewalks are really narrow, and made of stone with buildings lining all the streets. It reminds me more of London than of a Mexican city! There are tons of lights and people selling things and excitement everywhere! We stayed in a pretty crappy hotel last night, but for $12/night split 4 ways, it's hard to beat on value. Yesterday we stayed at "Hostel Shalom" in Puerto Escandido (Hidden Port). Puerto Escandido probably has the most amazing beach I have ever seen! It was a fairly short beach, about 150 meters, but was kind of in this rock cove that extended about 300 meters out into the ocean. It created this amazing set of really smooth and consistent waves that carry surfers for 300 meters all the way to the shore! Hopefully there will be a video below of the sunset from this beach. Our plan for the next few days is to hit some ruins in Palenque, then cross the border to Guatamala heading for Belize City. We're going to stay in Belize city for a couple days, then head back!

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