Sunday, December 17, 2006

Made it to Los Mochis

It´s Sunday night at about 7pm Cetral time and we have made it to Los Mochis, Mexico! Driving has been really great, and we haven´t had any problems with the authorities. The highways are actually suprisingly nice. They don´t, however have any shoulder to speak of... instead they have about a 2 foot straight drop on either side. Veering a bit off the road probably will mean that our toyota will rollover several times, so we´re going to do that as infrequently as possible.

Our goal for tomorrow is Tepic and Aculpulco by the 20th! The food so far has been amazing and increasingly inexpensive as we get into the heart of Mexico. I have only had solid poops to this point and that will be a continued goal of mine. Right now we´re in the lobby of a hotel which charges 10 pesos (about 90 cents) for an hour of Internet! Go blue!


Jessica & Jean's mom said...

I am not sure I want to read about your poops Jeremy. Can you disguise the term "poop" with one more discrete. Like calling them...."Buckeyes" or you could say something like "I had a really runny Woody Hayes today after that bad Mexican food." Then you could incorporate the term into sentences like when you stub you toe you could say, "Ohio State!!" Now, doesn't that sound more polite and even more descriptive of what emerges from people's behinds? All Wolverines would agree, I'm sure. And oh yes, definitely GO BLUE.

the deuce said...

i second that on the poop talk... unless there's a funny story about them not being solid.