Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another Day in Acapulco

Richard, our fourth travel member, arrived late last night. His plane was about 2 hours late and lost his bag! After repeated phone calls, they keep saying it will be coming on a later flight, so we are going to stay at our camp ground one more night.

We said farewell to Tom, our hitch-hiking friend today. He and his guitar Betsy are on their way to Guatemala.

The weather here has been SPECTACULAR. It couldn't be any better. The waves on the beach we are on are HUGE. They are probably 8-10 feet tall and CRASH really close to shore. Sometimes they break so hard that the mist from the crash reaches hundreds of feet up the beach!

Our internet connection here is really slow so we might not be able to add any more videos or photos for a while.

We haven't been able to upload many photos yet, but the few that we have are here (future photos will be here as well):

Imagen 097


Amanda S. said...

You're in the shade?!

Bob said...

Usted los individuos, tiene Navidad absolutamente grande en México. Y Jeremy le faltamos, pero sabemos que usted está teniendo un gran rato. Como usted dice... véale pronto.