Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Made it to Acapulco, Picking up Richard Soon

We made it to Aculpulco on the 5th day! The driving has gone extremely well with no major issue. The biggest problem has been gargantuan speed bumps that are randomly placed on the highway which you try not to hit doing 70. We have adopted a strategy of all the passengers getting out of the car as we drive over it to avoid bottoming out on the speed bump.

After the first day our car started making a "knocking noise" which was a stressful concern for all of us as we drove. After first inspection we couldn't figure it out, but after listening more to it we were able to identify the culprit. I pulled out some McGuyver skills and repaired it with nothing but a toothpick, two rubber bands and some chewing gum.

Jessica has been an absolutely amazing attribute and tour guide. I think every Mexican is DELIGHTED when a hot blonde American (who presumably has money to spend) comes up and starts speaking perfect Spanish. It is definitely the difference between this being an intimidating and uncertain trip and the trip being an absolute delight! Jessica is amazing.

Everyone we have encountered so far has been wonderful, helpful, friendly and no one seems to be trying to rip us off.

Oh yah! Today as we were about 2 hours outside of Acapulco we drove by a young dude holding a guitar and a backpack hitchiking. In a snap decision we decided we couldn't leave him behind and that was an awesome decision. His name is Tom and he's a 20 year old American who has hitched all the way from Seattle on his way to Guatemala. We're on our way to pick up Richard in a few minutes, so Tom will have to find a new ride tomorrow. He's sleeping in his hammock near our Tent tonight!

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