Friday, January 23, 2009

Made it to Arequipa!

We made it to Arequipa safe and sound! Today we're just hanging out and checking out the city. Tomorrow, we're going white water rafting, then getting an overnight bus back to Lima for Jess' flight home!

I've finally got my camera cord so I was able to upload a few images!

Peru 2009 031
The beginning of our 4 day trek, riding bikes down a big mountain in the rain! We ran into a river flowing over the road... We had to load our bikes back onto our van which was able to drive over the water which was at least 8 inches deep or so and flowing fast!

Peru 2009 038
Posing in front of another river on the bike tour

Peru 2009 129
Jess and I during our 13 mile hike on the 2nd day of our 4 day bike/hike/Machu Picchu trek! Jess is doing something new with her hair... can you spot it?

Peru 2009 248

Day four of our hike in front of Machu Picchu! Pictures definitely don´t do this place justice!


Jon Schneider said...

Wow! Great pictures! That last one in particular is amazing.

The hair question... I dunno. Did she get some highlights put in?

Bob said...

Com'mon now...just pick up your bike, put it on your back, roll up your pant legs, and walk across that river....Dad

Jeremy Schneider said...

I would have gladly walked across the river, but I think we would have been swept away! 8 inches of water flowing down from a mountain creates a huge force! Even cars were stopped and wouldn't risk crossing... Only the buses could make it across!